I love you, Natalie Dee


Words, Mistakes, Apologies, and the Females on the Internet

I was going to make a video about this, but I just cannot be bothered to be cheery on the internet right now…..or put on makeup….or comb my hair…. heh. It’s easy to say a word in our day-to-day life and have it leave our lips never to return. Things slip, we are uneducated about […]

These are some …

These are some photos I’m really proud of from my Flickr stream.

Ugh, terrible facebook shares.

Call me cynical if you like–it’s true, I am–but this picture I saw in my Facebook Feed is so freaking stupid and annoying.  Of course they all terminate the same! They are all based on the word “friend” that terminates in “end.” If you want to make a freaking point saying that “Family” is so […]

On “the internet authority” idiocy

I love the internet. I love the information available to anyone with an ISP or smart phone. I love that everyone has the ability to learn anything they want from fairly reliable sources. I love that we can feed our thirst for knowledge fairly quickly and easily. I love that it elevates the under-educated and […]

Life Begins at Menstruation Now????

As abortion laws become tighter and tighter as well as more and more likely to be abolished, I was very displeased to read a link from Daily Kos mentioning a new possible Arizona law that would start the life of a fetus at the first day of a woman’s menstruation. I had been hoping that since it […]

Reasonably Reasonable?

Many people may think me odd. Well, that’s an understatement of the week since I am very odd, but in this particular instance, I’m more odd than usual. I was one of the few non-atheist people to attend The Reason Rally who did not intend to protest. I actually attended so that I could meet […]