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Ugh, terrible facebook shares.

Call me cynical if you like–it’s true, I am–but this picture I saw in my Facebook Feed is so freaking stupid and annoying. 

Family horrible

Of course they all terminate the same! They are all based on the word “friend” that terminates in “end.” If you want to make a freaking point saying that “Family” is so important (and it really is, don’t get me wrong), USE SOMETHING THAT ISN’T STUPID. You know what does actually END and doesn’t have END at the end? How about “husband,” “wife,” “lover,” “partner,” and all the rest? FIND A BETTER WAY TO SPREAD YOUR MESSAGE THAT’S MORE CREATIVE AND CLEVER.

I also hate the begs on any post for “click like and share if you agree” bull-pucky. Stop it. Stop it right now! And, no, I will not like your status either.

That said, I like its message, just not it’s slogan…or pic, cuz that thing’s creepy.


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