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Life Begins at Menstruation Now????

As abortion laws become tighter and tighter as well as more and more likely to be abolished, I was very displeased to read a link from Daily Kos mentioning a new possible Arizona law that would start the life of a fetus at the first day of a woman’s menstruation. I had been hoping that since it was on an extreme Left Wing website that this story was skewed in order to be incendiary, but I was sadly mistaken. It included a link to the Arizona Legislature’s website with a PDF of the law wordage itself. Most of the document contains definitions of what is and is not an abortion, a doctor, a hospital, an abortion facility, and who is entitled to an abortion. Page 8, line 1, however, indicates when the time of conception starts:

4.  ”Gestational age” means the age of the unborn child as calculated

from the first day of the last menstrual period of the pregnant woman. 

Basically this law would mean that every single time a woman ovulates, it’s a life. Every single time that egg is not fertilized, it’s a possible abortion. Every cell that leaves the body, therefore, is an abortion. Does this mean a natural miscarriage would indeed become grounds for manslaughter? It has been happened before in regards to alcohol or drug abuse cases. If this law does pass, would this also indicate that ejaculate that does not fertilize an egg is waste of a potential life as well? Would this leave men who masturbate or even have nocturnal emissions liable for criminal proceedings? What of every ovulation, every menstruation that a woman has in her lifetime? The potential for life is so important that each ovum is indeed a baby? Where does the protection of *potential* life end so that we can protect *actual* life? 


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